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Proactive performance monitoring, anomaly detection, and alerting solution available in the Cloud and On Premises


  • Derive valuable insights from key operational metrics and optimize performance
  • Find out not only that something happened, but also what and where - spend more time solving problems and less time finding them
  • Prevent minor issues from becoming full-scale problems
  • Be up and running within minutes - no set up, management or scaling your own monitoring systems and infrastructure is required
  • More Benefits...
    • Rich, near real-time performance graphs and charts
    • Slice and dice metrics by server, time, and other application-specific dimensions
    • Easily switch between multiple monitored systems

What's New

I love SPM because it would usually take an endless amount of time to configure generic JMX-ready monitoring tools to render useful and carefully designed dashboards. With SPM it takes 2-3 minutes from scratch until the data is visible.

Alexey Kozhemiakin - EPAM Systems


  • Correlation of metrics, events, and logs (via Logsene)
  • Graphing of custom metrics (e.g. business KPIs) and correlation with application and server metrics, events, and logs
  • Anomaly detection & threshold-based Alerting
  • Real-time graphs with zooming and panning
  • Available in the Cloud (SaaS) or On Premises
  • See More Features...
    • Unlimited, sharable custom dashboards, graph sharing, emailing, and embedding
    • Multi-user support with different user roles
    • Powerful filtering: graph one, multiple, or all servers at once, together or individually
    • Multiple levels of report granularity without precision loss for historical data
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...and just about any other app you need to monitor


  • Solr, SolrCloud, Elasticsearch
  • Spark, Storm, Kafka
  • Cassandra, HBase
  • Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS, YARN
  • Redis, Memcached
  • Apache, Nginx, Nginx Plus
  • ZooKeeper
  • Your own Custom Apps and Metrics
  • More Monitored Apps...
    • MySQL & MariaDB
    • JVM
    • PagerDuty
    • WebHooks
    • Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, SuSE
    • Nagios, Nagios XI, Icinga, Shinken
    • SenseiDB

Server & JVM Metrics

  • CPU & Memory usage breakdown
  • System load and Swap
  • Disk read/write rate and usage
  • Network sent/received rate
  • See More Metrics...
    • JVM memory pools sizes and utilization
    • JVM garbage collection times, counts, and sizes
    • JVM thread and open file counts